Bioart Society

Bioart Society

Established in May 2008, the Bioart Society is a Helsinki-based association developing, producing and facilitating activities around art and natural sciences. During the past 15 years, the association has grown and is currently setting the tone for activities related to experimental art engaging with biology, ecology and life sciences in Europe. The focus of Bioart Society’s activities is to support artists and other practitioners operating in the field both internationally and in Finland and to promote and spread awareness of bioart and the transdisciplinary field of art & science. The association has over 130 members from Finland and other countries. The Bioart Society facilitates yearly a variety of workshops, exhibitions, residencies and field laboratories with various partners. Established residency programmes include Ars Bioarctica, an art & science program with a focus on the sub-arctic environment together with the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki, and the Tokyo Art & Science Research residency in Japan, which is hosted by the BioClub Tokyo and The Finnish Institute in Japan. Other established initiatives include Field_Notes, a field laboratory taking place in Kilpisjärvi biannually. Lately, the association’s operations have been defined by multi-year collaboration projects with other European associations working with art and culture.  


Recent accomplishments: Bioart Society’s recent and ongoing Creative Europe collaboration projects include Restorative Practices (2022-2023) and Rewilding Cultures (2022-2026) as well as ART4MED (2021-2022) and Arc-hive (2021-2022), which have all been co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Other recent prominent international initiatives and collaboration projects include the Nordic-Baltic transdisciplinary State of the Art Network (SOTAN) (2020-2023) network and m/other becomings (2021-2022) collaboration project with experimental Nordic cultural institutions, artists, and thinkers. Bioart Society has produced and co-produced several publications, including the awarded Art As We Don’t Know It (2018) and Field_Notes – From Landscape to Laboratory (2013) which focuses on the 2011 edition of Field_Notes field laboratory. Bioart Society was awarded with the State Prize for Multidisciplinary Art by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) in 2017.  


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